Too-easy Slides: 6 Sites for Your Next Presentations

It is admittedly bittersweet and somewhat sad that I was still able to be with a generation that takes pride in reporting on a background of cartolina cut-outs and a crease-filled sheet of manila paper adorned with creative yet equally horrendous permanent marker letterings. We would slouch on the classroom floor, scribbling our reports on those brown sheets, with snot slowly creeping out our nostrils while our younger schoolmates are playing a childish game of tag on a late afternoon. We were doing "professional stuff". Only sixth-graders get to make their own bitay-max.

Times have changed since then. PowerPoint presentations are everywhere now and almost everyone can make one in a matter of minutes. Lately, online classes have also contributed to the popularity of PowerPoint along with similar tools like Keynote and Prezi and if you work with a team, Google Slides offers a way to make collaboration easier. No more cut-outs and that three-peso tube of icky, gooey paste.

Coupled with an increasing trend of visual aesthetics, it is almost a requirement that any PowerPoint presentation should be fun, creative, and drowsiness-resistant. It poses a challenge however if you're not the type of person who is into creativity. Liyab's got you covered, though. So, whether you are presenting a clinical case, reporting about a lengthy and boring topic, or explaining to your parents why you need to get a dog, here are some websites that offer free, editable, and visually-pleasing PowerPoint and Google Slides templates to make your presentations more memorable and less boring.

1. SlidesCarnival

This site offers a wide range of themes and styles for your presentations along with an embedded font. You can sort the themes by style, by topic, or by color. From formal and business presentations to playful and creative ones, Slides Carnival is a top-notch resource.

2. PPTMon

PptMon lists creative and free Google Slides Themes and PowerPoint templates to give your presentations beauty and originality. The site has a range of themes from funky to neon to modern designs. For medical students, PptMon also has pre-made themes for clinical case studies and more!

3. SlidesGo

This probably takes the number one spot on my list. SlidesGo offers not just presentation templates but also presentation tips, Google Slides and PowerPoint tutorials, and infographics. You can browse by tags, colors, styles, popularity, and more!

4. PowerPointHub

Like those mentioned above, this site has a wide array of templates to choose from. They also update their templates quite regularly. You may have to use the language switcher on-site since Thai is on default but don't worry, you'll know which option is English if you know about flags.

5. SlidesMania

Slides Mania offers free interactive Google Slides and PowerPoint templates where all links are set, and shapes are ready to drag and drop. You can just add your content and start interacting with your audience with their templates.

6. Freeppt7

Business, Science, Education, Festival--this site has free templates for you. They also have downloadable backgrounds for you to use.

Avoid the hassle of editing your presentations for hours and keep your audience away from REM. Try out templates from these sites for your next presentations.

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