The Purge: Coming Soon?

What kind of world would this be if jails and prison cells were not built because crimes and criminals do not exist? Oh right, that world would be called “Imagination”. Of course as we can see, there isn’t a day where the crime rate goes down by even merely a ten, well maybe except every time Manny Pacquiao has a boxing fight. But that’s all in the past now. Currently, we all suffer from this toxic problem that won’t just get eradicated despite the efforts of our leaders to put an end to it, if they ever had the time to put such effort though.

An edge of the death penalty is that retribution or “an eye for an eye” honors the victim and helps console grieving families. Just like your heart that was crushed and burned and annihilated by the one you like who never liked you not even once, who did not even take time to look at your eyes for a single second, and who did not even know you are hurting (don’t take it too seriously if this is your case but if you did, just cry for a minute), victims of the perpetrators of heinous crimes would be relieved since they would not have another opportunity to cause future tragedy. It’s true that it can be used as revenge to those who seek for justice, who would want the offender to feel as though he was the one being victimized by his own crime. So with this being said, who would still do such evil acts knowing there is going to be a backfire soon enough? Right, except for your crush that unconsciously does you wrong, that is the question.

But, is really death penalty going to solve the lives being taken by the criminal? Opponents of death penalty say it has no deterrent effect on crime. Yes it is not an assurance that if this kind of punishment is re-implemented by the current administration, crime rates would surprisingly decrease. It wrongly gives the government the power to take human life, like the kind of power you gave your crush to enchant your heart and leave it lifeless after he/she is done playing with it. Sometimes it also perpetuates social injustices which disproportionately targets people of the lower class since they could not afford good lawyers. There is also an unacceptably high rate at which innocent people are convicted of capital crimes which require death in exchange and that is tantamount to foreseeable murder of innocent humans.

Over the last few decades, many cities around the country have seen alarming increases in the levels of crime and now that the country has already chosen a new leader to guide us to the better path, it would be a buzz to know if capital punishment is a must or ain’t really just. So like some of us who are waiting to get noticed by our crushes, the most we could do is to study this important matter now that the President himself is considering this kind of solution to end more dangerous crimes in the future.

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