Taking a Break: A Life Balance

Art by: Pauline Autida

Deadlines. Backlogs.

In a world filled with fast-paced daily encounters, rushed deadlines, huge academic backlogs, daily evaluation exams, sustaining relationships, and squeezing the balance of everything gets a little too overwhelming for us all. Our lives have evolved from a single frustration of not getting the toy that we want and throwing a tantrum just to acquire it to a whole new level of dissatisfaction of the things we receive in life, wherein no amount of tantrums and tears could ever resolve. Life has, eventually, made us all weary and restless as we all try to achieve a bit more than our expectations.

People leading service-oriented careers are more likely to experience a busy and tedious kind of life. Being in a healthcare setting or being a medical student, per se, allows us to give more than what is expected from society. Numerous tasks are at hand and plentiful amount of readings and reports are required to eventually achieve our ultimate goal. Amidst all the strife we surmount, it’s also quite evident that we tend to neglect the importance of taking a break from the stressors we constantly face. Being passionate in our work should not be at the expense of our mental well-being. Deciding to take a short leeway from our inevitable hustle is as important as hustling itself.

Taking a side trip from our usual routine is good for the brain. It allows us to reflect and be more productive in the long run. Such breaks do not necessarily mean expensive leisure activities. Rather, it could be in a form of reading a new novel you’ve always wanted to read or a simple dip in a nearby beach or a pool. It could be as simple as getting a short brain break from long hours of studying, by meditating or listening to an old favorite song; or by cooking or baking your favorite recipe. The list goes on and on, and the bottom line of all those is how vital breaks are in our total welfare.

Upon realizing the importance of taking rests, we try to achieve work-life balance somehow. Such balance is primordial in surviving; for without it, people tend to burn out sooner. Work entails all duties we need to do to finish a short-term task, and to finally accomplish the bigger picture of our aspirations. Achieving work-life balance is no easy task. Amidst all the hard work we exert for our own successes, one must never forget that success is not a never-ending marathon with no breaks, it is a continuous pursuit of our dreams without sacrificing rests that could enrich the soul.

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