Second Wave of Internet Aid for NMD Students Pushes Through

The second wave of the Load & WiFi "BukLoad" assistance program has successfully distributed 300 pesos load each to 163 students this week.

The Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. Buklod Medisina Student Council launched a load and WiFi assistance program, “BukLoad”, last month to help students with difficulties in internet access. The program was initiated by the Students Rights and Welfare (STRAW) committee and is funded through the Council's Student Assistance Program (SAP) fund.

The Load and WiFi Assistance Program (LWAP) identified 142 students, which increased to 163 students this month after the project’s budget was supplemented, who are to receive load assistance of 300 php/month. Among them, 14 students were also to receive WiFi devices from their chosen network providers. LWAP aims to provide load to the selected beneficiaries for the duration of first semester of the current school year.

With the switch to online learning modalities due to the pandemic, the LWAP was designed to bridge the internet gap among students in a need-based priority. It is recognized that not everyone has the means to quality internet connection, especially students coming from distant towns.

The STRAW Committee is thankful to the Buklod Medisina Student Council for approving and allocating funds for this program. It is also thankful to the school for their prompt response to their request.

Source: Lawrence Deligero, Buklod Medisina-Student’s Rights and Welfare Head

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