More Than an Athlete, More Than a Student

Cheers and chants echoed as the DMSF Intramurals 2019 took place on October 2-4. Students from the 6 animal-themed departments battled it out over the three-day event in competitions that measured beauty, brains, and brawn. As the theme stated, the festivities provided the community with an opportunity to share their similarities while also celebrating differences.

PHOTO: IMD Men's volleyball team talks game strategy in a huddle.

Speeches, stories, and brainpower filled the air as the academic events took place on the first day. The International Medicine Department (IMD) took home the most number of wins in the speech events of the academic competition. Meanwhile, the National Medicine Department (NMD) hauled gold for the board games and this year’s Synergy 2019 debates. Alvin Serenado of NMD-1 was awarded as the best debater of the event.

The students also got to show their proficiency in the fields of both visual and performing arts. The IMD’s powerful performances gave them wins in the Battle of the Bands and Modern Dance competitions while the NMD’s spirit saw them champion the Soul Hertz song competition, the Contemporary Dance, and Your Face Sounds Familiar with their version of the K-Pop group Red Velvet. Dentistry would not be left in the dust as they dominated the Sayaw Pinoy, T-Shirt and Jeans contest, Poster Making, and even the Karaoke Challenge! This year’s Nursing underdogs gave the biggest shocker as they stole the first place in the DanceSport and Cheerdance events, ending the streak of the previous years’ champions.

PHOTO: NMD-2 repeats as Men's Basketball champions.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an intramurals event without the sports. IMD’s skill in Table Tennis, Badminton, Football and Futsal, and Track and Field gave them domination over these events. They shared dominion over the Volleyball court as their men championed alongside the women from the Dentistry Department. The minor events such as Larong Pinoy, Bowling, and Darts distributed their victories among the Nursing, Dentistry, and Midwifery departments. Men and women of the NMD Team 2 reigned supreme in the basketball court as they took the top spots in both divisions.

This year’s Intramurals also saw the return of the MedEx Urban challenge and the Trivia Nights event. Adding to these voluntary competitions was the new E-Games competition with tournaments in DOTA, Call of Duty, and Mobile Legends.

Honors were also passed as a Tribute to the Teachers took place. On the same day, the Recognition program saw the acknowledgment of the top students from the different departments along with the numerous scholars from different benefactors. The latter event was graced by Dr. Maureen B. De Guzman, this year’s guest speaker.

Culminating the event came the crowning of this year’s Mr. and Ms. DMSF 2019 in the persons of Angad Rai of IMD and Theresa Grace Bueno of Dentistry, respectively. After the occasion, it was announced that the lions had reclaimed their spots as kings (and queens) of the jungle as the Medicine Team 2 – Adrastos was declared as this year’s overall champions.

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