Hyping Up the Unhype-able

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." - Albert Einstein

Those are the words I tell myself every time I flunk an exam in medical school. I have been well aware that going into medicine can most of the sacrifice one's creativity. Three years and counting into my medschool rollercoaster ride, I have never let the struggles contain my creativity. At least when I get a failing grade and feel down, I can comfort myself with the quote above.

To say that this year was tough is a helluvan understatement. Again, staying true to Einstein's words, I still managed to sneak in a little creativity on my acads-infested life. Here are my latest designs for the 2020 DMSF Online Intramurals.

The event hasn't been finalized yet but since we're under a new normal, the usual festivities of a physical Intrams is very difficult to replicate. Nevertheless, it shouldn't hurt to have a dash of fun, induced by a good concepts, promotions, and designs.

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