DMSF Association of Muslim Students hold 2nd Halal Food Fest

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

The Davao Medical School Foundation Inc. Association of Muslim Students (DAMS) held their 2nd Halal Food Fest last October 28-29, 2019. A variety of authentic Moro delicacies such as piaparan, pyanggang, satti, and beef kurma were showcased for DMSF students to enjoy.

DAMS organized the food fest to unite Muslims from different cultures and traditions, and to establish friendly relationships with non-Muslims. The event also serves as a promotion for their organization.

‘Halal’ is an Arabic word that means “permissible”. It is particularly associated with Islamic dietary laws, and especially processed and prepared in accordance with those requirements.

As with last year, the event was a hit with the students of DMSF, and the organizers say the Food Fest will be back again next year.

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