DMSFI Student Orgs facilitate Webinar on Charity Work and Volunteering

Around 70 students and staff from DMSF attended the first-ever, open to all webinar series hosted by Liyab last Saturday, December 19 with the theme, “Starting-Up With Charity Work and Volunteering.”

The event organized by Liyab was in partnership with Criados, Association of DMSFI Scholars, and DMSFI- Association of Muslim Students. The host, Lawrence Deligero, introduced the speakers namely: Mr. Selahuddin Y. Hashim, founding chairperson and Executive Director of the Moropreneur, Inc. ; Dr. Delfin “Butch” Valdez, Jr. , founding member and moderator of Criados; and Ms. Regi Greja Canda-Gavino MPA, Senior Technical Adviser of USAID ReachHealth Project.

Mr. Hashim, with 16 years of experience in humanitarian works and development emphasized the question— “Why do we volunteer?” in the first session. His years of expertise shone through his presentation, even gaining praise from the subsequent speakers.

For the second session, Dr. Valdez, Jr. spoke from his skills on the field, elaborating situations on how some would become a hindrance in volunteerism, but he encouraged everyone to remember why they even started volunteering.

The final speaker, Ms. Canda-Gavino took the opportunity to stress the safety measures against COVID-19 especially when volunteering in current times.

To culminate the first episode of Liyab’s webinar series, distribution of certificates were given to the speakers as well as the students and closing remarks was lead by Wyne Brent Corpuz, Liyab Multimedia Head. Despite the minor technical difficulties encountered, the webinar was deemed an overall success.

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