DMSFI Medical Students Hold NEXUS 2020, an Online Medicine Night

Veering off from the usual Medicine Night setting, DMSFI medical students gather virtually in the first-ever online Medicine Night, NEXUS 2020: Bridging Gaps and Strengthening Bonds, on October 3, 2020. Organized and produced by Buklod Medisina, this event aims to connect medical students and establish camaraderie amidst distance learning and other adversities.

Buklod Medisina President, Brylle Jhun Imbo, welcomed everyone with a sincere message on the significance of friends, support system, and linkages along the medical journey, as well as the importance of going back to one’s focus or goal whenever the journey gets tougher. Hannah Leian Tan, a Senior Clerk, and Dr. Mikhail Buhay then gave motivational messages, reassuring everyone that the difficulties the students are facing now will eventually bear positive results as they become future physicians.

The program was filled with numerous competitions, mostly participated by the freshman students. The highlight of the online event was the raffle draw, wherein the grand prizes include a 3M Littmann Classic III stethoscope, an AirPods Pro, and the much-anticipated Ipad 8th generation. There were also gift certificates and Gcash load as the minor prizes.

Participants of the different competitions exude immense creativity and wit. The winners of each competition are as follows:

DMSF’s Next Top Model

DMSF’s Next Top Model– Female Category: Ivana Shantel Diokno (NMD-1C)

DMSF’s Next Top Model – Male Category: Milenus Eiman Ocubillo (NMD-1C)

1st Runner-up – Female Category: Clymene Clea Anima (NMD-1D)

1st Runner-up –Male Category: Vince Alexei Paden (NMD-1A)

2nd Runner-up – Female Category: Vicelle Errianne Sy (NMD-1A)

Best Aesthetic: Clymene Clea Anima (NMD-1D)

Milenus Eiman Ocubillo (NMD-1C)

Best in OOTD: Ivana Shantel Diokno (NMD-1C)

Vince Alexei Paden (NMD-1A)

People’s Choice – Female Category: Vicelle Errianne Sy (NMD-1A)

People’s Choice – Male Category: Milenus Eiman Ocubillo (NMD-1C)

Video Dubbing Parody

Champion: NMD-1B

1st Runner-up: NMD-1C

TikTok Thursdays

Batch 1: Shaquille Biruar (NMD-1B)

Batch 2: Kristelle Faith Vistal (NMD-1B)

Batch 3: Shaquille Biruar (NMD-1B)

Soundtrack Sing-along

Champion: NMD-1C

1st Runner-up: NMD-1D

2nd Runner-up: NMD-1A

DMSF Goes International

1st Place: Aleha Cadianda (NMD-1B)

2nd Place: Yasmin Kaur (NMD-1C)

3rd Place: Darlene Lallen (NMD-1A)

Medicine Crossword Puzzle

Anatomy: Laica Mae Libres (NMD-1D)

Biochemistry: Eunace Alcos (NMD-2B)

Histology: Raiza Almirah Noor (NMD-2C)

Physiology: Kent Lim (NMD-1B)

Netflix and Chill: Khiara Arnejo (NMD-2C)


1st Place: Justin Manda (NMD-1A)

2nd Place: Sheena Gealon (NMD-1B)

3rd Place: Sajara Priego (NMD-1B)

Best Caption

1st Place: Jibbran Peno (NMD-1A)

2nd Place: Alyanna Espiritu (NMD-1A)

3rd Place: Reina Tenebro (NMD-1C)

Trivia Competition

CHAMPION: Team Acute (NMD-1A)

Lian Alingcomot

Rosetthea Empiel

Mary Mettammel

2ND PLACE: Team Abtik (NMD-1A)

Darlene Lallen

Alyanna Espiritu

Kristoffer Escleto

3RD PLACE: Team Cadaverless (NMD-1C)

Iñigo de Peralta

Ruth Delgra

Norhanisah Disoma

Raffle draw winners are yet to be announced by Buklod Medisina. The program was concluded by Buklod Medisina’s Internal Vice President, Mikhael Angelo Sabas.

Embers-on-Duty: Eva Julia Niez, Salwa Marohom

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