College of Medicine Evince Compassionate Stewardship For Typhoon Victims

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

“Dedicating my life to the service of humanity.”

Characterized by selfless and steadfast concern for others, Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) College of Medicine embodies the Hippocratic oath but has yet to be sworn.

DMSF International Medicine Department (IMD) and National Medicine Department (NMD) Buklod Medisina raised a total amount of ₱ 125, 864.89 for the victims of typhoon Ulysses in NCR, according to DMSF OSA director, Liza O. Del Norte.

IMD donated ₱ 35,000 from their departmental fund and has received personal contributions from their confreres gathering a total of ₱ 51,716.35. Moreover, NMD Buklod Medisina collected a total amount of ₱ 74,148.54 and all in-kind donations from various donors. This was divided to aid Catanduañes and Cagayan according to their facebook post.

Buklod coordinated with Shield Pinas, a non-government organization, for the transportation and distribution of reliefs to the victims last Nov. 19.

DMSF College of Medicine eagerly started to call for donations in their social media accounts two days after Typhoon Ulysses submerged the region by massive floods, night of Nov. 11. Buklod officers residing in their respective provinces were entrusted to be contact persons in different areas.

Furthermore, Buklod is now in a collaboration with the DMSF Institute of Primary Health Care, Brokenshire College School of Medicine - Kinaadman Student Council and Support Local Davao in organizing a second batch of donation drive for the victims of typhoon Ulysses.

Credits: Buklod Medisina

Ember-on-Duty: Julia Niez

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