Back from the Grave

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

It has always been a privilege to live in a time where technological advancements and scientific discoveries bring comfort and convenience in our lives. Laptops and cellular phones were invented to make communication accessible anywhere and anytime. Different classes of vehicles were made and further improved for us to travel on land, cross the seas, or fly across the skies better and faster than before. Even an ATM machine could save us from hunger by just pressing a few buttons and voila—money is spitted out from its core.

But what has given us a millennium-worth of ease to live a less problem-free life is the creation of vaccines to shield us from a ton of illnesses. However, the luxury of immunization is somehow taken for granted on a whim by some because of the lack of understanding of its importance in our lives. And now we face the outcome of such untowardness because after 19 years of eradicating this infectious malady, poliomyelitis, better known as polio, has re-emerged from its supposed grave.

Two polio cases have been isolated in the country after almost two decades of wiping out this disease from the statistics. Polio is an infectious viral disease that, in its most severe form, can cause nerve injury which leads to paralysis, difficulty in breathing, and even death. It can be acquired via person-to-person contact through the fecal-oral route, or through ingestion of contaminated water or food. The persons at risk of getting this illness are children younger than five years of age, and basically anyone who has not been vaccinated.

Vulnerability to contagious diseases such as measles, mumps, whooping cough, and as mentioned earlier, polio, and the like, may lead to serious illnesses and complications which is why vaccinating children and those who are in need of it is a safe and effective means of safeguarding the body from these maladies.

One of the many reasons why vaccines were made is to give each and every one a chance to live a worry-free life. While the controversies of the significance of vaccinating children is being questioned by a vast majority due to some misconceptions, we should take into account the benefits it brings to mankind and by proper information dissemination and knowledge about this, all children will never have to suffer from such stoppable illnesses. Considering the decline in the cases of several infectious diseases through vaccination, it is but a helpful way of preventing health disasters and prolonging lives.

The importance of vaccines cannot be overstated. Millions of lives have been saved and dozens of illnesses have been prevented thanks to the wonders of vaccination. If there's one thing that people should know about its essence is that it is an important part of family and public health which makes it our public health commitment to our own respective communities to protect each other by vaccinating our own family members. Children should not die of diseases that are very much preventable.

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